Lazy Wife Gets Her Ass Smacked and Probed

spanked tears4 Lazy Wife Gets Her Ass Smacked and Probed

Oh-oh, hubby’s upset, and someone’s ass is going to pay the price. He’s come home from a hard day at work to find his wife sleeping…again. If she can’t get off her ass, he’s going to make damn good and sure she can’t sit on it, either! It’s high time she was stripped and spanked! He makes her get on all fours and inflicts a rump whacking like she’s never had before. And she takes it like a good, obedient wife. She even hauls down her own panties so he can smack her bare flesh! He secretly likes it that she’s lazy, though. It gives him a reason to indulge in something that really turns him on. You’ll like it too, especially the crazy anal insertion that comes next!

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Spanked girls get down and dirty

spanked tears12 Spanked girls get down and dirty
This spank movie starts with two hot brunettes sunning themselves in the garden. But it doesn’t take long before they move to the bedroom for some hot realspankings action. That’s when we see that one of these sleazy bitches loves to be spanked to tears. She strips off and lies down with her tasty ass in the air ready for her girlfriend to spank her butt until it’s red as a beetroot. If spanked butts float your boat you’ll want to see this hot and raunchy vid.


Bitch wife spanked to tears

spanked tears11 Bitch wife spanked to tears
This woman’s trouble but her husband knows that the way to deal with it is simple: spanked girls don’t cause trouble. So when she misbehaves, he doesn’t waste any time in getting her face down on the dining table with a bare ass ready to be dealt with. If you like spanked girls, this spank movie will get you really horny. Once he’s spanked her ass, he strips her and turns her over ready to continue the spanking with a paddle. This hot and nasty bitch never stops asking for it.


Wayward Hubby Gets Stripped and Spanked

spanked tears5 Wayward Hubby Gets Stripped and Spanked

Hubby’s been at the strip club again, and she’s super pissed. She lays into his bare ass with cold calculation, smartly clipping his buns as he grimaces and yells in pain. As well he should! His ass looks pretty raw, and she just keeps on whacking until he’s almost spanked to tears! He promises to come home directly after work from now on, but she’s really getting into this spanking thing—”Do you want me to get the brush?”—and she gives him a few more hard smacks for good measure. Methinks it’s making her pussy wet!

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She’s Spanked to a Screaming Climax

spanked tears10 Shes Spanked to a Screaming Climax

When it comes to getting spanked, girls like this one are a dream come true. This hot honey delights in having her man swat her bare booty. She’s so into getting her tight buns tanned, she practically breaks her neck to get that tush in the air where he can have a better whack at it! But that’s not the only kind of spanking this horny thing enjoys. With her legs hoisted high in the air, she almost faints with pleasure when he spanks her clit! It doesn’t matter that her bon-bons are already rosy; this doll can’t orgasm without a good long spanking, and when she finally does, it’s a climax that can be heard for miles!

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These Spanked Girls Go Crazy for Cunt

spanked tears9 These Spanked Girls Go Crazy for Cunt

Though we’d like to see these hot-assed babes getting smacked a little harder, there’s something about girls getting spanked by another female that really turns the old crank. They’re obviously enjoying having their sexy asses reddened, because no sooner does the spanking pause than they’re all over each others cunts, lapping and licking like a couple of sex starved nymphos. And hey, despite all their howling and protesting, you don’t see them making tracks for the door, now do you? Naw, they’re offering their firm asses because a good spanking is the only way they can get off! And watching these chicks get a trimming’s not a bad way to get yourself off! Enjoy!

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